Power plants – a fascinating symbiosis between nature and technology – The 10 greatest power plants in the world

Should the battery run out, the charging cable will be there! And in no time it will end up in the nearby socket. Daily recharging consumes 3.9 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of energy per year. And this is just one of the countless examples of how we consume electricity. The extent to which we depend on it in our everyday lives only becomes apparent with the annual additional charge for electricity – because the “power guzzlers” lurk everywhere.

Early in the morning, for example, a cup of coffee will help us wake up. For this, we will use our coffee machines, which consume on average 170 kWh per year. Of course, a fresh toast is a must for breakfast. A toaster consumes an average of 0.074 kWh per five minutes of use. Then we go to the fridge and get some cold cuts, turn on the radio and so on. Altogether, there are numerous devices that only work with electricity and that are used more or less knowingly.

According to Statista, one person in Germany alone consumed around 7.2 megawatt-hours of electricity in 2018. If this value is transferred to the entire population of Germany or even to the entire world population, the result is an immense output and energy that had to be generated somewhere. For this purpose, various energy sources are now being used to generate electricity, e.g. coal, crude oil, natural gas as well as sun, wind, water, nuclear energy, etc.

In this ranking, we will focus on the power plants that are used for this purpose. The most important feature is energy generation in gigawatts (GW). Although there are about 190 power plants operating in Germany, even the most powerful of them cannot compete with those in our ranking. So don’t miss our 10 most powerful power plants in the world! In addition to the power output, we will also provide you with information about construction details, locations and much more.

We hope you will be impressed by these technical highlights and that you will enjoy browsing through them!

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