Mr. Werker, Mr. Stalter, Mrs. Duijmelings – how does Surplex get through the coronavirus crisis?

  • Michael Werker: Surprisingly good. Surplex is one of the winners of the coronavirus crisis. Our key company figures are developing positively and sales, for example, are clearly above the previous year’s level.
  • Uli Stalter: In the current year we have so far held 584 online auctions worldwide. A new record! More than 55,000 used machines and factory equipment has been auctioned.
  • Ghislaine Duijmelings: In short, after almost a year of pandemic we are stronger than before. At the same time, we are helping other companies to weather the crisis.

How can Surplex help? The second wave of the pandemic is rolling. An increase in insolvencies and restructuring is expected.

  • GD: But that is exactly the point! Insolvencies and restructuring are inevitable adjustment processes in times of corona. But if I cannot avoid a painful process, then I must at least manage it optimally. This is exactly what Surplex does with its services: we bring out the best for our customers. And thus help companies to cushion the consequences of the coronavirus crisis in the best possible way.

How can such a process be optimally controlled? 

  • US: Both insolvency and restructuring release large amounts of fixed assets. Everything must be liquidated, from small hand drills and forklifts to large machines that require a crane for dismantling. Ultimately, the aim is always to achieve optimum revenues for the client.
  • GD: First, this requires a powerful auction platform with international reach. Secondly, a professional online marketing. And finally, an intelligent integration of online and offline services. The advantage we have in these areas is not only of benefit to us, but above all to our customers.
  • MW: Surplex even has a unique selling point in terms of offline services. We are the only industrial auction house in the whole of Europe that offers all services related to the worldwide used machinery trade from a single source. dismantling, loading and customs clearance included. So it’s not just a matter of selling used machines on the world market in the best possible way, but also of handling the sale smoothly.

In concrete terms: what added value does Surplex offer industrial companies that are struggling in times of corona?

  • US: We offer these companies the opportunity to auction off surplus machinery at the best possible price on the world market.
  • MW: Used machines that are given a second life benefit buyers, sellers and last, but not least, the environment.
  • GD: Because Surplex helps to financially cushion an insolvency or restructuring, the companies of our clients emerge from the crisis stronger.

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