The airports of the oceans – The 10 largest aircraft carriers in the world

Aircraft carriers are huge ships on which various airplanes can take off and land.  Usually they are warships, which allow military actions outside the specific territorial area. However, they are also used for humanitarian aid operations or the like. They only operate together with various support ships, usually cruisers, destroyers and frigates. It is not unusual that the number of crew members on a carrier corresponds to the population of a small town. Accordingly, hundreds of kilos of food are cooked and eaten every day. The operating costs often amount to several million euros per month. Therefore, there are not many aircraft carriers in the world, because they are so expensive that only a few countries can afford them.  Germany, for example, owned the Graf Zeppelin during the Second World War, which was the first and only aircraft carrier in German history. The ship was never actually completed, never used and ultimately did not survive the war. The Graf Zeppelin had very powerful catapults for that time and could carry up to 60 aircraft at the same time with its impressive length of 262 m. We would not like to withhold from you any further information about the 10 biggest aircraft carriers in the world. Have a look at our image gallery.


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