As large as entire cities – The 10 largest factories in the world

Factories today produce almost everything, from cars and smartphones to clothing. They are countless, but only a number of them have managed to expand. However, some have grown immeasurably. To give you an overview of these, we have selected the 10 largest factories worldwide.

There are many criteria that can be considered to determine the size of a factory. One could use the number of employees, the turnover or the quantity of produced goods. In our photo gallery, we have settled on the size of the factory (surface area in km²).

In comparison, the largest factory in our ranking even surpasses Ullswater – the second largest lake in the English Lake District – in terms of surface area. Many companies will already be familiar to you, such as NASA or Volkswagen, but some are rather unknown, such as Rivian, a car manufacturer. Feel free to see it by yourself.

In our photo gallery, we will now disclose to you how large each factory is and where it is located. Have fun looking through it!

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