They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and they are essential for our survival and for our environment – trees! They are one of the most powerful countermeasures against the climate crisis that need to be protected (and planted). Wood as a raw material has developed into one of the most sought-after materials and its areas of application are correspondingly versatile. Just how valuable wood really is can be seen from the turnover of the German timber industry, which amounted to an impressive € 36.45 billion in 2020. (Source: Main Association of the German Wood Industry (HDH))

As a dealer in used machinery for metal and wood processing, Surplex also benefits from this ecologically sustainable resource. Due to our specialisation in woodworking machinery, we regularly auction valuable machines, equipment, tools, but also raw wood. All the more reason to work for the regeneration and replanting of the earth. In addition to a sustainable corporate concept that aims to recycle goods, an economical office building, and low-emission processes, Surplex has also recently planted a review forest with the help of ReviewForest.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.* And the best thing is: you yourself can have a tree planted in your name. The more people who decide to do this, the bigger the forest and the resulting impact. You don’t have to do much, you can do it from the comfort of your couch via your mobile phone. After all, it only takes a Google rating of Surplex to make this happen. Contributing to the protection of the environment and letting your voice be heard has never been easier!

With your help, not only a tree can grow, but a whole company. Customer opinions are essential for good service, which in turn has a positive effect on the development of a company. Only those who recognise what satisfies customers can offer optimised services and solutions.

For every Google review received, Surplex will donate € 5. The Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation then ensures, with the help of the organisation ReviewForest, that a real tree is planted on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. At the same time, € 1 will be donated to the Plant-for-the-Planet Children’s Academies for each rating.

So if you have already come into contact with Surplex or are even a regular customer of ours, we would be delighted if you would leave us your constructive feedback in the form of a Google review. This will be beneficial for you, Surplex and the planet.

Because your opinion is important to us. And every tree counts.

Do you have another idea on how to become even greener as a company? Then leave a message to our press contacts, we look forward to every comment!

* Origin of the quote: Aleksej Andreevic Arakceev (1769-1834) / Saying from Uganda

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